New Refurbished iPhone Ad

I have always loved animation. While this one was more special effects on a few photos it still counts (sort of). This one is an ad for my shop’s refurbished iPhones. We found a distributor for iPhones and iPads. So how is someone to promote this new line of phones …. make a New Refurbished iPhone Ad

The video was made using Apple Motion and public-domain images. (Except for the Astronaught that was hand drawn using an Xpen and Krita. The idea was to tell a visual story about a phone that fell to earth. Orginally I wanted to say? “Drop your phone? Need a repair” but then I realised that there are some people that would not understand that phones could not be repaired if dropped from that height. (Some people bring me phones that are in many pieces and are confused why It can’t be repaired)

Refurbished iPhone Ad

I had so much fun with this ad that I think I want to make it a series! Even if I do not sell any refurbished phones with this ad!

Our second-hand phones and Samsung all have a six-month warranty and have been rigorously tested before being shipped to us. Our distributor is licenced for second-hand goods so you are not going to have to worry about buying a stolen phone.

Second-hand phones may not be the most current versions but are able to run the latest software for a fraction of the price.

Not only can we give you a new to you phone we can teach you how to use it and transfer all your data from your old phone be that Samsung or iPhone. (Data

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