Blogging, Podcasting and Comics for a business

One of the problems with running a business is sometimes you need to think about instant return on investment. So the concept of podcasting, or blogging that does add to the bottom line right away seems to be a waste of time.

We started the Star-Fall Actual Play podcast a while ago having nothing to do with our Apple Mac and iPhone repairs. The idea at the time was to sell cards used in RPG games. While that seemed to be working we had issues with distribution.

A few years later we started Mac Mason Training and Repairs and my focus changed to teaching computers, repairs and refurbished phones. but the podcast we produced a few years ago was still gathering attention.

Blogs and Podcasts never stop working for you

Unlike a lot of ads on Facebook. A blog post or a podcast will always work for you. Even if that is only one visitor a week or a higher SEO ranking. The idea is to have your content out there in a format that someone else will discover.

The trick with podcasts or a comic is to have it slightly related to your business but not enough to be an obvious ad. In our case, the Star-Fall Sci-Fi Podcast is not related except for the fact that I’m teaching classes related to the skills I used to create the content.

So instead of making the whole podcast about training, we decided to have our show sponsored by MacMason Training and Repairs. The links in the show notes of the podcast add to our backlinks because of how RSS works.

While I am sure that we are not going to get any direct money from the show we are however already noticed the increase in the SEO ranking of the website. That alone is worth it.

Building community

Part of the plan of the podcast was to invite some of the locals in Lithgow, Katoomba and Blackheath to be part of the podcast. The auditions gave us the opportunity to meet local folks who have similar interests. Being that we are new to Lithgow it is nice to meet people outside of repairing their iPhones and iPads.

I am sure there are a few business folks who are scratching their head at this concept. But they are the same folks who wonder how I was able to build an amazing reputation for my repairs.

Commimity in a small town is worth it!

If you are interested in sponsoring our show

Then you have the ads. If you are reading this far down the page I have already proven that I can hold your attention. and if you have a business in the Lithgow, Bathurst or Katoomba area and you would like to sponsor our show please let us know.

Podcasting classes

Podcasting is not difficult. However it is something that you should have some kind of training. Be that editing or how to market your intreasting podcast.

Here are some tips to make a buiness podast

  1. Post content on a regular basis.
  2. When making content try to have at least one episode in the “Can” just in case that you miss a week
  3. Try to not make the podcast a long ad. All you are going to do is put your listeners to sleep or quicly unsibscribe
  4. Sound quailty is very important.

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