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Blue Mountains Adult Tech Classes FAQ

Folks have been asking me all kinds of questions about my classes. I figured it would be a good time to get all the answers in the same place. So here we go with the Blue Mountains Adult Tech Classes FAQ

Our Adult Tech classes
Do I need to have a Mac for your class?

We do have some training Macs in the shop you can use during the class. These Macs are programmed to reset themselves every class.

What is the minimum age for your classes?

The age limit has more to do with the student. As long as the student can learn something and not interfere with the class I am happy to have them enrol. However, students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult as we are not a babysitting service.

What is the Maximum age for your classes?

So far the record was 91. The were learning how to send emails. Classes like this are better to be personal training as it does require more focus on the side of the trainer.

How many people are in each class

While I have taught classes with 20 people, I tend to want to have smaller groups. The perfect size is 3-10 people. Class sizes will depend on how many people we can fit in the room with their devices.

Are your classes hands-on?

Yes!! in fact I tend to tell folks if they do not have a computer they should consider using one of our training Macs. People tend to do better if they can test out what they learn.

I’m not very tech-savvy do you have classes for me?

Yes, all of the classes are set for folks who do not have much skill in computers. Any of the classes that require more advanced knowledge will be clearly marked.

Are your classes a series? What happens if I miss a week?

Each of our classes is designed to be a stand-alone class. This means if you only need one class then that is ok. You do not have to take the previous class. In the future, there may be classes with multiple parts however they will be clearly marked.

Can you teach Windows?

I can teach anything but at a basic level. While I am good at computers my focus is iOS, macOS & Linux. Many of my classes are cross-platform and will apply to any kind of computer.

Do you do personal training?

Yes, we do have Personal Training Classes available. If there is a topic you are interested in please let me know and I will see if I can design a class for you.

What happens if I break one of your Training computers?

I dare you to try.. No, honestly the computers are programmed to reset themselves. Unless you physically damage the computer there is nothing you can click on that will destroy the computer. (Don’t Physically damage the computer … that will make me mad and you don’t want to pay for it)

What is the cost for one of your classes?

Blue Mountains Adult Tech Classes cost about $22 per person (Price subject to change) Personal training is $75.

When are your classes?

Personal training can be done almost anytime during business hours (We are open Saturday) Group classes will be posted here.

Can you teach even a senior?

That is what I do best. Most seniors are my best students once we get past all the fear of computers.

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