New battery for iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is starting to get old. That is ok after all we can not expect them to last forever. But what happens when the battery is not lasting all day? What happens if all you use the iPhone 7 for is to take calls and texts and the battery is just not keeping up. Maybe it is time to get a new iPhone 7 battery.

Can I replace the iPhone 7 battery myself?

Sure you can. But I do want to warn you it does take a little bit of skill. If you are not tech-savvy and not good with tiny screws then I recommend having someone who does this for a living do it for you.

One of the reasons why the battery replacement is difficult is because Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous to replace if you are not careful. While this is far from as dangerous as it sounds, it is something where you do not want to just throw in some tools and rip the battery out. (I could catch on fire). It does require that you be a little gentle and take your time.

is the iPhone 7 too old?

While Apple is not making the new IOS 16 work with the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus it does not mean that you need to upgrade your iPhone right away. Replacing the battery will give you a few more years of life to your device before having to upgrade.

If you do not expect to download all the latest apps for your phone then fixing the phone will be better than upgrading.

Repair most of the time the better answer.

To be honest, I sell refurbished iPhones as well as do repairs, but at the same time, I am not going to be trying to push you into upgrading every time there is a new phone out. When giving someone advice on if they should repair or upgrade I always tend to suggest repair as it is better for the environment.

When will my iPhone be too old to repair?

For me, the iPhone 7 Plus would be too old. The reason for this is that I always need to be able to have access to the latest version of iOS. But if you are one of those people who just like to use the basics then the rules of when your iPhone is too old will be different

As long as your device still does what you need it to do it is not too old.

Kevin C Mason

I think this is the best rule! If your phone still does everything you need to do every single time there it is not too old. I know many companies that I have very old macs that only print out invoices. Because they do not need it to stream video those devices do exactly what they need and an upgrade would not be worth it.

The moment you can’t do what you want with your iPhone 7 it is time to upgrade.

Tech is everchanging and there is a point where you need to set the device aside and say .. it is time to upgrade to a new phone or maybe a refurbished phone. I still think my Samsung s7 was one of the best phones I ever owned. However, it got too old and it could not keep up with my needs.

In closing .. if you need a repair I can help

if you are looking for a iPhone 7 battery replacement in Lithgow or would like an honest answer if you should upgrade. Come on in and let’s have a chat.

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