Do you really need to update your Mac?

There is a lot of fear people have with updating their software. When I try to solve a problem with a customer’s Macbook or iPhone I always ask “When was the last time you updated your Mac? They often tell me “I don’t know” or “I don’t update”. I understand why people would not know how to update their Mac or iPhone. Not everyone takes the time to find out. But not wanting to update? That is a different story. This blog post will address why people think that updating their computers or mobile phone would be a bad idea. and I will also talk about why they have been misinformed.

Fear that an update will break something

Working at Apple we were always updating people’s computers. Software updates solve more problems than they cause. Sure now and then an update will cause a problem however for the most part this is rare.

10 years later I started working for a company that asked me to fix Windows computers. The problem was that while I have all kinds of knowledge on how to fix Apple Macbooks, I do not have the training to fix Windows issues. That said there always seemed to be an issue with the updates. Windows updates always seem to cause all kinds of trouble.

If you are new to Mac computers you would be used to the concept that software updates will break a computer. However, I would like to explain why that does not work with an Apple computer (Or at least not as common)

Unlike PC computers, Apple controls the hardware and the software. Because Windows is only the operating system it would be impossible to test its software for thousands of different kinds of computers and even more components. Apple has a much smaller list of computers to test. So software updates have less of a problem.

IF there is a problem with the software update Apple puts all its attention into solving the problem. Having worked in the department that would have to deal with such a problem I can safely tell you that when one of those rare moments where a software update breaks a Mac computer or iPhone, Apple does everything it can to solve the issue.

If you do have a problem with a software update breaking your Mac. I can help fix it.

Fear that you will have to learn something new

Many of the seniors I teach fear that a software update will make it so they no longer know how to use their devices. While this can happen what they do not know is that Software becomes easier to use over time. If we’re to try to teach a senior how to use a computer from 10 years ago it would be more difficult as they are not as easy to use.

Software companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft put a lot of effort into making their software easier to use. So a computer two years from now will be easier to use than a computer today.

While yes there may be something new to learn it might be just the thing someone needs to learn to make using a computer easier.

I do not have time!

I know this one all too well. I almost never have time to have my computers offline. But I have learned that you can do a few things to make is so that you do not have to wait around for the computer to update.

Both Mac computers and iPhones have the feature to “Update overnight” the idea is that if you do have to restart the computer it will do so when it when you are not using it.

Software updates, in the long run, will save you time because they are fixing problems before they make it so the computer is unusable.

Reasons why you want to keep your Macbook up to date

  1. Sofware updates keep your system safe from malware
  2. Software updates can fix a common issue before it becomes “YOUR PROBLEM”
  3. Software updates often add new features that will make your life easier

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