Does your iPhone really need a new Battery?

Does your iPhone really need a new battery? Maybe not. While it is very possible for the battery on your iPhone to wear out over time. I have noted that many people opt to have the battery replaced before it is needed. There are many factors to the life of a battery.

How old is your iPhone?

Many people try to make their iPhones last as long as they can. Personally, I think that is a good idea as I am still using my iPhone X and am still very happy with it. However, we do need to consider that batteries do wear out over time. If your iPhone is over a few years old you may want to consider getting the battery replaced.

Do you really need to check your email every 20 seconds?

But if your phone is less than two years old the chance is that the issue is not with the hardware but software. Depending on what apps you use and how you use them you might be pulling too much power from your phone.

Most people do not have the kind of job that requires to have them to check their email all the time. But if you have your email settings set to Push that is exactly what you are doing.

Small changes to the iPhone settings can make big changes to how much power it uses over the day. We can take a look at those settings to make sure that those settings are correct for how you need to use your phone.

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Is your phone “Warm”

I do like to say “hot” because people panic about the concept of their phone catching on fire. (VERY RARE BY THE WAY). While many people blame the battery for their phone getting warm it is really the processor that is causing all that heat. If you have an iPhone that is getting really warm you do not need a new battery but you need to take a look at the software of your phone.

When a phone gets warm this means that the processor is doing something even when the phone screen is turned off. Before we start replacing batteries we need to take a look at the cause.

Is your display too bright?

Yes, we all like to have the display on full brightness. But the battery of your phone will suffer. One of the fun tricks that I discovered while working at the Genius Bar in Bondi was that if I changed the brightness to 80% in front of a customer they would get really angry and change it back telling me “I can’t see… it is too dark” but if I did not tell them that I was going to change the brightness I could set it to 50% brightness and they would be very happy.

Most people just assume they need full brightness when we do not. While it may seem dart at first try setting the display to below 70% and try it out. Not only will it save battery life it is easier on your eyes.

Stop turning off Bluetooth and Wifi

In the old days, Wifi and Bluetooth used to take up a lot of battery life. However now Wifi and Bluetooth have become very energy efficient. In fact, if you turn off wifi when you are not at home there is a chance that you will forget to turn it back on when you get home. Celluar data uses up more power than Wifi.

If you do need to get a new iPhone battery.

Before you get your battery replaced it is always a good idea to do the following.

  • Back up your phone.
  • Download all your photos to your computer

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