Katoomba Apple Expert

If you have been to my blog before you would know that I’m a former Applecare employee who was trained in California. This does make me an expert at all things Apple. I was working at one of the local computer repair shops in Katoomba however COVID put my employer in a bad situation and was made redundant. So forced with having to find work I opened my own repair business. Being I was the only Mac guy in the area… this makes me the Katoomba Apple Expert.

OSX Software expert

While the Genius bar does its best to work on all kinds of software issues. They did not get the same level of training as the software folks in my department at Applecare. OSX software is what I do best.

iMacs, Macbooks and iPhones

Though my focus is on the software I’m also good at the hardware aspect of repairing Mac computers. Mostly because I understand how the software and the hardware work together. Though many computer techs are good at turning screws my understanding of the Macs goes far beyond that.

I work with software that is not supported by Apple

Look I get it. Apple really needs to focus on its own products. (Though my department at Applecare broke the rules on a regular basis) I’m not limited by how I can help you. If you need me to troubleshoot old software that nobody has heard of I can give it a shot. If you want to load Linux on your Mac … I can do that too.

Personal training for all things Apple

Being the Katoomba Apple Expert has the advantage of also being a trainer. I understand how people use computers. More importantly, I understand how people learn how to use computers. I have been training seniors how to use computers for almost 20 years. There is not a “Stupid question” that I have not heard before. (Honestly, they are not stupid questions)

As the Katoomba Apple Expert, I have picked up a few tips and tricks that will make using an iMac easy for anyone.

  • Senior Training
  • OSX
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Creative software
  • Video editing
  • Photo editing
  • Podcasting

Onsite Training and Service

Yes, my shop is in Lithgow but I service the Katoomba, Blackheath and Medlow Bath areas.

Now that COVID is becoming a thing of the past I am now doing personal training and service at the home. While there are some repairs I will have to take back to my shop many of the issues can be repaired at your home. Book a session today!

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