Are vaccine mandates a human rights violation?

If you reading this you most likely have been in a recent argument about vaccines and decided to google “Are vaccines mandates a human rights violation?”. I have this argument all the time and decided it would be a good idea to put up a blog post to help you win this argument.

While we all have our opinions on this topic it is important to understand there are experts in this area. People who have been fighting the good fight for human rights for decades. What do they have to say about vaccine mandates?

How I avoided “Guided Discovery” to avoid false information

Part of my full research is how disinformation websites fool you into thinking that they are telling the truth. One of the methods they use is called “Guided Discovery” This is what happens when in an argument someone tricks you into searching for a phrase that will guide you to a website of their choosing.

the search “Are vaccine mandates a human rights violation?” there is a good chance that it will lead you to a website that will happily take your donation to “fight the good fight” and never hear from them again.

However, I did a different search….. this is how it worked

  1. Searched “Top ten human rights organisations”
  2. Visited each site then searched on their site “Vaccine Mandates”
  3. Read the entire page

By searching for the organisations first having nothing to do with vaccines I avoided attempts of “Guided Discovery” by disinformation websites. This let me know who the big players are in this arena.

Then visiting each of these websites I search them to see their stance. Big sites like this almost always have a search feature.

Then reading the whole page gave me an understanding of their stance and why.

Are vaccine mandates a human rights violation.. experts say NO!

  • ADL ……………………………………. Nope no violation
  • ACLU……………………………………No violation
  • Amnesty International ……….Nope Nope
  • Human Rights Watch: ………..Nope
  • The Hauge…………………………..Nope and guidelines on why they say this.
  • Americans for justice …………Big Nope!
  • NAACP …………………………………Not just nope ..but here have a jab
  • NOW……………………………………..Nope!
  • RED CROSS ………………………….Nope!
  • International Federation of Human rights …. Nope!
  • Refugees International………..Not only nope but why are you not sharing your vaccines?
  • Physicians for Human rights…… Here are the human rules for vaccine mandates (AKA it’s not a violation unless you don’t follow these rules)
  • Nuremberg code………………….No and you need to read this carefully


ADL started in 1913 and has strong opinions about human rights. They have a lot to say about the misinformation regarding vaccines


This organisation is considered libertarian by many. They are also not shy about stringing the pot for a cause they see as worthy. IF there is a fight for the rights of the people the ACLU is there.

In this case, they say that vaccine mandates actually improves equality

Amnesty International:

I honestly did not find their stance on mandates. However, what I did find was their argument that “Big Pharma” is not giving equal access to vaccines.

Human Rights Watch:

Another global organisation dedicated to human rights. They have the same argument as Amnesty International.

Americans for Justice

While honestly, I did not know about this group looking at their history it must have been because I have not been paying attention. They have an impressive history.

And here is their stance on the topic


Not only do they do not see this as a violation they have been hosting Vaccine drives.

Southern Poverty Law Center

Another amazing group that works towards equality and getting justice for hate crime victims.

National Organisation for Women

Yet another group that is always fighting for civil rights.

The Red Cross

Another famous human rights org that is trying to make it easier to get vaccinated in nations that need it the most.

International Federation of Human Rights

Yet another fantastic org who sees the inequil distrabution of vaccines to be a serious problem

Refugees International

Another one!!! They feel that countries need to address the needs of refugees to get the covid-19 vaccine.

EVEN FREAKING PETA says to get the vaccine

Look I do not agree with PETA for a lot of reasons. Even my vegan friends think they are nuts. but they posted on their website about the vaccines. While yes they seem to care more about animals’ rights than humans but I was kind of expecting them to have a stance vs vaccines.

Physicians for Human rights

Ok, here you go … Experts not only in medical science but understands humans rights. They have an interesting post about vaccine mandates

Nuremberg code

I see the Nuremberg code brandished all the time on anti-vaccine disinformation websites. The problem is that most of the time the people who are quoting it never really read the code in the first place. Like in all situations when there is a legal code involved it is best to get someone who understands the law to translate to English. It also helps if they can also understand medical terms.

Don’t skim this one … take your time and read it carefully

How about the Hague?

You know the court that convicts War crimes & Nazis. If there was ever experts in the area of human rights violations this is the place to find them.

Nations that have Covid-19 mandates

If you are thinking that vaccine mandates are a human rights violation and thinking you need to move to a different nation, You should read this first because you are running out of countries with internet access that do not require vaccines. Even Russia requires vaccines for workers with public-facing roles

So many nations have vaccine mandates that if there was a human rights violation you would think that one of them would have said something about it by now.

But what about the Organisations that do not have a view?

While I did find many groups that did not have a public stance on COVID-19 mandates. I did not find any known human or civil rights organisations that existed before 2020 that were against vaccine mandates.

It seems to me that organisations that are so focused on human rights would have heard the call of those who claim this is a violation. but they have not. Mainly because they do not see it as an issue. They will go to bat for any underdog on earth but fighting vaccine mandates is not a battle they think is a worthy cause, Or they have publicly stated that they are for the vaccine mandates.

Who is vs vaccine mandates?

I do know a few new websites that have strong stances on vaccine mandates but they also have HTML links to conspiracy theories, hate speech and really love to throw that donation button in your face. Vultures if you ask me.

While wanting to have equal rights, civil liberties & human rights is very important, it is also important to not use it as a weapon to sell conspiracy theories. When looking at the websites that claim that human rights are being violated by vaccine mandates that are older than 2020 I have noticed before vaccine mandates there is no mention of human rights before then as if human rights did not matter before then. In fact, many of these websites are against the above mention organisations by the fact they often link to hate speech.

But are anti-vaccine websites a scam?

By now you should know that my study is vs scams not trying to prove that vaccines work. In fact, a right-wing anti-vaccine website that cites peer-reviewed articles and does not link to hate speech would be the holy grail for my research as it would remove bias.

While I do believe and know that there are many anti-vaccine websites that are scams that sell snake oil to those who are frightened by this pandemic. I am aware that there are many websites that honestly have the right intentions but not the critical thinking to decide if a vaccine is healthy or not!

Just because a website is anti-vaccine does not make them a scam but it does make them a victim of disinformation.

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