Month: March 2022

  • Keep your hard drive clean. How not be a digital pack rat.

    We are digital pack rats (American slang for someone who hoarders) we never like to throw anything away. The problem is that that a computer needs to have free space to work properly. So how much free space dose my Mac need? How to keep your hard drive clean. The quick answer is about 20%…

  • Are vaccine mandates a human rights violation?

    If you reading this you most likely have been in a recent argument about vaccines and decided to google “Are vaccines mandates a human rights violation?”. I have this argument all the time and decided it would be a good idea to put up a blog post to help you win this argument. While we…

  • BRB … COVID!

    I tested positive for COVID on Sat! .. Both Marc and I are taking care of ourselves, drinking lots of fluids and avoiding everyone! The shop will be closed until Tuesday, March 22nd. (assuming our RAT tests come back negative) Sorry for the inconvenience