How to tell your MacBook is infected with malware

It’s Monday morning. My coffee is still too hot to drink. I’m sitting on the sofa in the front room with my headphones on listening to a blog post about Apple malware. (I convert text to speech for my Dyslexia). I had to stop the audio because the advice the really bad advice the author was given to their readers! You can tell the person who is writing that blog post was a ghostwriter. They Obviously never provided tech support for an Apple Computer ever! even question if they actually use an Apple computer. Dear blog writer .. you are not helping. So I have decided to give some advice on how to tell if your MacBook is infected with OSX Malware.

Your MacBook Pro is always warm

This is not always the best detection method for malware. As there are a lot of things that can cause a MacBook to overheat. However, the designers of malware are not often motivated to develop software that runs perfectly on a computer. They are however motivated to get as much money/information/or processing power from an infected MacBook before you call someone like me to remove the program.

Macbooks that have been infected by Malware will tend to use up more processing power than normal. This will cause the system to heat up and activate the fans. Once again just because your computer is getting warm does not mean that you have an infected Macbook. It may be that you just need to have someone clean out some dust out of the vents. (Better check in your system for maintenance)

Search Redirects

Have you ever done a Google search for something like “Where to find organic cat food” to have the search results end up on some strange Search Engine? Trovi is a common form of OSX Malware (Or adware in this case) that forces all internet searchers to a different search engine. Though this seems harmless if you think that Google spying on you is creepy it is nothing in comparison to Trovi. You should have the Malware removed ASAP.

Your MacBook is slow for some reason

By itself, it does not mean that your Macbook has been infected with malware. It could mean that you have a failing hard drive. However in combination with the fans on your Macbook always running. This is a good indication that your system has been infected. In either case, you should have your system inspected by an OSX Technician

POP up notifications

This is a dead giveaway! If you start getting pop-up messages of any kind while you are using your computer there is a good chance that your Macbook has been infected with malware. In fact, I would almost bet money on it. Whatever you do not follow the links of the Pop-up messages as many times they will go to phishing websites or websites that will attempt to get you to install malware that is worse than what you have already installed.

MacBook is infected with Malware?

If you are in the Lithgow, Katoomba or Bathurst area and need to have your MacBook checked for malware I can help! Malware is area of study of mine. I do not need software to remove malware but I wrote some anyway.

If you have a Windows computer with Malware I suggest you check out Lithgow Tech Services

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