Why I do not remote into your computer?

I get asked all the time if I can remote into a computer and fix the problem. Though this sounds like it would be convenient for most customers it opens them up for later scams.

Most phone scams these days involve remote access. Using real software used by tech professionals to remotely fix problems with their client’s computers. However, just because software is legitimate does not mean that it will always be used for that purpose. This is why I call them scams and not hacks. (Many of the scammers have very little hacking skills.)

By remote accessing a clients computer we would have to install the same software those scammers would use to rob them.

By Saying I will never remote access your computer, you know if someone calls from “IT Support” you know it is a scam.

  • Yes this means I will have to make an apointment to fix your Mac
  • Yes this means that you might have to wait.
  • Yes this means that either I need to drive to your house or you need to bring your mac to the shop for repair.

But you always know that the person who is calling to help you with your problem is a scammer!

Online phone scams

Teach your parents to say no to remote access support.

Adults and seniors get caught up in “remote support scams” all the time. They assume that whoever is on the other end of the phone can be trusted. Or they assume because they are on a Mac that they are safe from a Computer Virus.

We need to turn the request for remote access into a big red flag that they are about to get scammed. Look I get it. It’s inconvenient, It’s time-consuming. But so is spending the 2-3 weeks changing all your passwords. Waiting for the new cards to arrive. Talking with the banks and investigators about the scam.

What is the difference between Phone support and Remote access?

Phone support is where you call in and do all the work while the phone support agent helps you solve the problem. Though many people do not like this kind of support is it relatively safe when it comes to scams. If you ever feel unsafe you just do not have to take the advice from the person on the other end of the line.

This is still a service I offer for Mac software issues.

Remote access support is where you give control of your computer or phone to someone else. While in some cases this means that they can fix your issues with very little frustration, it also means that a scammer can use it to take your money, hold your computer for ransom or worse. The problem is once the scammer has remote access to your computer there is little you can do to stop them!

Just say no to remote support!

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