We have moved!!!!!

Good business is not about how many of your competitors you remove from the market but the great “win-win” deals you make along the way. Yesterday we made one of those “Win-Win” situations thanks to Lithgow Tech Services. We are now moving our Phone Repair Service into Lithgow Tech Services and are working towards the ability to do same-day iPhone and Android repairs. Two businesses under the same roof!

Lithgow Tech Services Repairs Windows Computer and I repair Macs & Phones

I have not touched a windows computer without growling in over 20 years. Lithgow Tech Services however is very good at PC repairs. Jackie has mentioned she hates working on Macs and I am very happy to help in that area. So after working together for a little over six months we have decided to have both shops under the same roof (More like Jakie is being very nice and allowing me to rent space in the back to repair phones).

So why Lithgow Tech Services?

Other than the fact they have a fantastic reputation in the area and I have a lot of respect for Jackie’s concept of customer service? I would have to say its a great location. People are already walking in to get their phones fixed. AND this will give me a chance to meet the Lithgow Community with a warm handover from Jackie.

Jackie is also someone who I like personally not just in the sense of business. From the moment we moved to Lithgow Jackie has gone out of her way to make us feel welcome. This really makes me want to help her out in any way that I can. Yes this is a business arrangement but Jackie is also my friend.

Am I planning to not open my own store front?

That is still in the plans. However, before I do that I need to have a little more money saved up! This is going to take time and a little patience. I have big plans but part of that is waiting till I can do this correctly.

Am I still doing onsite training for Seniors for Mac and iOS?

Yes! Having a storefront will not change this service. I will still come to your home to give lessons.

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