Senior Tech Classes Blue Mountians

If you are a senior in the Blue Mountains, Katoomba or Lithgow area and you need a little help understanding Tech, I am here to help. I have been teaching seniors how to make tech work for them for over 20 years.

How to use iPads, iPhones and Android

It seems that some people have a harder time teaching seniors tech. This is not because the seniors can’t learn tech but more that it is a different way of teaching. With children, you almost have to hold them back from the device. They can’t wait to learn something to do with tech. This gives the false impression that they are good with tech. (They are really bad at it… oh the damage a two-year-old could do to a Mac)

But with teaching seniors how to use tech it requires a different process. Many are only using the new tech because they have to. This really changes how someone should tech. Many seniors are used to the memorization process of learning. When honestly it should be more of a trial and error.

Lesson one you can’t break it

One of the biggest problems with teaching seniors how to use tech is that they are afraid that they may break the device by clicking on the wrong button. What nobody told them is that those days have been gone for almost 20 years. Computers become easier to use every time there is an update. but for some reason, nobody seems to inform the seniors that it is safer to use a computer or iPad than ever.

Focus on the process, not memorization

While many people like to take notes and try to memorize a process they often forget what the notes mean and the software may chance rendering them useless. Part of my training is to learn how to look at the computer to find the answers they are looking for and not be dependent on memorisation.

Focus on Fun

Learning is more fun when we focus on what the student already likes to do. One of my students who was a little resistant to using the internet became excited when they discovered that they could find out all kinds of great information about how to play chess. Now they are very active in some chess chat rooms.

Focus on Online Safety

Unless you are new to my blog you would know that I study scams and disinformation. So combining the two areas of study I am able to teach seniors how to avoid online scams in an easy to understand and relatable format.

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