Lithgow needs business websites that are NOT only on Facebook


Before we start … if you already have a great Lithgow Website submit it here.

OK On with the Blog!

Without getting political or taking sides with either Facebook or the Government in this Media Code fiasco, Lithgow has a problem that we have noticed. 

Lithgow businesses seem to think that a Facebook business page is the same as having a website. IT IS NOT! Lithgow is going to suffer from this misconception whether or not the stoush between Facebook and the Government is resolved. 

A lot of local organisations, businesses and home-based enterprises on the business forums are complaining that their pages are blocked, or all their content has been removed from their Facebook page. Yikes that sucks! I know how much work was just deleted by Facebook in a click of a button. 

If Facebook removes your content because it thinks its news, you lose your website. …. 

Do you own your Business Facebook page?

Hold up, let’s talk about the word “Your” for a moment.  Thing is, it was never yours in the first place. It was always owned by Facebook.  That is what you agreed to when you clicked that “I agree” button without actually reading the terms and conditions.  Facebook can delete that content for any reason at any time and there is not anyone in the Australian Government that can help you. And unless you have thousands to spend on a Solicitor to try and sue Facebook for breach of contract, there is pretty much no one else who can help you either.

Now if you own the website that is a different story.  You can still use Facebook to troll and meme and comment and promote – but all the really good content should be on YOUR website.  Use Facebook as a billboard directing folks to your business, not as the roadside shop.

And contrary to popular belief, or what any of those ads for overseas outsourced web developers might want you to believe, building a basic webpage is not that hard and should not break the budget!  We can work with you to walk you through the steps of having a professional and inexpensive webpage that no one (but you) can take away.  If you need help building a website, contact us

Also, if you are a web designer in the Lithgow area, MacMason is happy to partner with you to assist your clients.  Post links to your work in the comments. 

Five ways that any website is better than Facebook (even the cheap ones) 


Anyone can build a Facebook page, and that is the problem. When someone is searching for a business they will almost always click on the links to a real webpage to make sure the company is legit before they will click on Facebook. Owning and maintaining your own Webpage is not difficult and with minimal regular maintenance you can build a powerful web presence and improve your search engine results. 

Facebook limits your posts

Did you know that your posts on Facebook are not seen by everyone unless you pay to have that post “Boosted”?  Sure, it is cheap advertising, but what happens if you are not paying for that post? A blog on a real webpage that YOU control is always working for you. If you can create a viral post, what is stopping you for doing the same on your own page? 

Facebook Moderation 

Everything is moderated on Facebook whether or not you like it. And there are things you need to moderate too (like a comment from someone giving you a bad name when you did not deserve it). You might think Facebook is easier or cheaper than a webpage, but did you consider the hours you spend as a page administrator? The damage to your reputation if you get trolled and don’t catch it? On your own webpage you post what you want.

Google likes Webpages better than Facebook

If you have a webpage with some decent content you will score higher in search results than if you only have a Facebook page. 

Reach beyond Lithgow 

Trying to reach a market beyond Lithgow with only a Facebook page is like trying to win the Tour de France on a tricycle … not impossible but you had better be REALLY amazing. Lithgow already has a small-town reputation (not a bad thing) but a business that only has a Facebook page will look like it’s just a hobby and never expand beyond this postcode. It also won’t be very effective at drawing in tourist dollars.

If you need help building a webpage or would like to get some personal training on how to blog MacMason can help

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