Should I upgrade to Big Sur? Blue Mountains Mac Geek explains

Apple is always working on bringing us the best wizbangy features to use on their systems. Should I upgrade to Big Sur? I love upgrading to the latest version any time I can. I’m one of those early geeks who downloads a version of Linux just to see what it can do. But what about those non-Geeks? Should you upgrade to the latest version of Apple OSX or OS11 ? My answer depends.

I know I know you wanted a definitive answer but it is really not that simple. I worked at apple when they released Leopard 10.5 in computer years that makes me old. (Get off my lawn) And I can tell you for sure that Apple works very hard to make sure that everything goes correctly. More money you can count is spent on the brightest minds to triple check every line of code. So to be clear I have absolute faith in Apple’s ability to produce a rollout a kickass OS. I’m like that guy who used to work at a restaurant and says “We need to eat here because the kitchen is spotless and the food is amazing, The staff will give us good service too”

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Errors still get through.

No matter how much you plan something is going to get through. At some point there is going to be an error that could not have been predicted. Understand Apple will spend a lot of resources making sure that those errors get fixed and fast. (Though sometimes they take their time to make sure they do not cause a larger problem) What you need to ask your self is this Mac that I am using is it for business?

Upgrade to Big Sur for Business?

If you are running a Mac for your business on something beyond web surfing my recommendation is to wait a few months before you upgrade to Big Sur. The reason is that if you have anything critical running on your machine (Accounting, POS, Research, and Development) You are most likely using software that is not as commonly used. This means that there is a higher chance that Apple has not been alerted to the problem. The less common the software the more likely there is going to be an issue.

Don’t let this deter you from buying a new Mac. Getting the new salesperson a new Macbook is a good idea. (Most Sales apps are web-based and do not care what OS they are using) I’m more concerned with the upgrading of older Macs as they will have existing data.

Upgrade to Big Sur for personal use?

GO FOR IT! I really do not foresee any issues for personal devices. Most of the issues in this category will be reported very early in the launch process. (Many times before they even launch)

What could go wrong?

Before you every upgrade any computer of any kind you need to back up your system. I do not care how good the computer is. If you have a computer that has never had an error in its life BACK IT UP BEFORE UPGRADING.

Application compatibility with upgrade to Big Sur

I’m not talking about Facebook or Twitter I’m talking about that bit of software that you use every day that did not come with the Operating system. For me, this would be like Comic Life or Krita. (Software I use to make my comic book) If were to upgrade now there is a possibility that their software is not compatible. The easy way around this is to go through your application folder and check each of the applications you need to use the website. Most will have a download or a comment talking about how their software works with Big Sur. The problem is that if one of these programs is not compatible it is not Apple’s fault as they have warned those software developers months ago that an upgrade was coming. You will just have to wait for an update or find new software.


This is one of those errors that make even the most talented tech scratch their head and say ” You mean the computer did WHAT?”. Most of the time his is something odd that is a little annoying. These issues a very low priority but will get fixed.

Slow performance

There are times when you do not need a OS upgrade but a new computer. I’m personally working on a nine year old MacBook pro and its working great but not with the latest version of the OS. Upgrading for the sake of upgrading can result in a machine that is spending more time on the OS then it use to. This can slow your computer down.

So what do I do if it here is problems?

For the most part running software updates will be the solution. When Apple finds a solution to the problem this is how they will deliver it to the world. Running software updates is your friend.

IF the problem is something you cannot live with contact us and we can downgrade your system. (See Below)


Do not be one of these people who hear that there is a problem and refuse to upgrade your system for years. Most of the time unless you are in the tech industry the problem has already been solved by the time you hear about it.

IF it is a mission critical Machine wait a few months then check to see if that software you use to run your business has any problems with the new OS11. (Backup before you upgrade)

IF you have a personal computer upgrade whenever you have some extra time.

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