Where to take my Macbook Pro for repair?

Where to take my MacBook pro for repair? I know I know your first thought that I’m going to suggest myself for the repair, you are not wrong however sometimes the answer is not clear as you would think. we always try to get more information about the Macbook Pro before telling you where to take it for repair. I always ask a few questions and combining the answers I try to find you the best place to have your system repaired even if it is not me.

What is wrong with it?

This is an obvious question but you will be amazed how many computer technicians do not ask this simple question before taking on a client. This is also where being a good tech with a strong understanding of OSX and the Macbook Pro hardware comes in.

If your problem is something simple like failing bad RAM, Failing hard drive or needing to upgrade to an SSD. Almost any tech out there who has a basic understanding of computer hardware can do the job. However, if you think you are having problems with Malware or maybe a problem with third party software this is where you might need to talk to someone like myself who is a software specialist. Like doctors Computer Techs have specialities mine just happens to be OSX and Mac Malware.

How old is it?

If your MacBook Pro is less than two years old then you should always take the computer to Apple or an Apple Certified Service Center first. The reason for this is that the repair could be covered under warranty (Apple makes final decision on what is covered or not). For computers less than two years old the answer to “Where to take my MacBook Pro for repair?” is always Apple. Though Blue Mountains computer also does warranty repairs and they are really good people.

If your computer is older than five years the Apple Store will not repair it. The reason for this is that they want to send the business to the other service providers like myself.

Where are you located?

Where to take my Macbook Pro for repair, katoomba macbook repair
MacBook Pro being repaired

For some reason even though my Pick up repair service area is in Lithgow, Katoomba and Bathurst. I’m always getting calls from outside my service area. Though I’m more than happy to drive out to Newcastle to pick up your Macbook or iMac you are not going to be happy with the Pickup fee.

If you are located in the Penrith or lower mountains area I recommend Apple Store or Blue Mountains Computers. Check out our service area to find more.

Can the problem be fixed over the phone?

Where to take my MacBook pro for repair? Sometimes the answer is your own home and now. I’m a 15 year Phone support veteran who has actually given classes on Mac phone support. There is a good chance that I can help you with your software issues over the phone.

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