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iPhone repairs Lithgow NSW 2790

So where do you get iPhone repairs Lithgow NSW 2790? How about right here at MacMason Traning and Repairs? Not only can we fix your iPhone 11 screen with a 90-day warranty. We do so with a smile on our faces! We are happy to be part of the Lithgow community.

Iphone repair services Lithgow, cracked iPhone display.iphone repairs Lithgow NSW 2790
iPhone repairs Lithgow NSW 2790

Valued Service not just a money maker

Look we understand that we are a business and have to make money repairing iPhones, iPads, and Samsung phones. But that does not mean we are only about the money. We understand that tech can be daunting to those who were not born in the digital age. So we have created a company policy that if we can fix or answer a question in less than 15 Minutes and it does not use a part it is FREE!

This means those questions about your phone that have been bothering you for weeks can be answered quickly and for free. And if you need more training we offer both group and personal classes to help you use your phone.

A Warranty with pride not excuses

Not every tech understands that Lithgow is a small town and your reputation is everything. While we understand that we have taken it one step further. Not only will we warrant your repair and be honest about the outcome but we want you to let us know so we can get better at our craft.

We know that people hate when techs find every excuse under the sun why a failed repair is not their fault. We hate it ..so we will not do it to you!

Quality Parts

We do not use second hand parts found on ebay. We only go throuh distributors we trust. While it is true that many of the parts we use are third party they all have the same warrenty that Apple or Samsung offer for a out of warrenty repar.

iphone repairs Lithgow NSW 2790

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