Katoomba Senior Tech Classes

I love to teach tech to seniors. While many assume that they are too old to learn how to use computers or smart devices, most of the time that is because nobody has taken the time to teach them correctly. This is where I come in. Katoomba Senior Tech Classes will focus on making a safe environment for seniors to learn tech in fun and enriching way.

Trial and error not memorisation

Everyone focuses too much on memorizing the process while using a computer. The problem with that is that we tend to forget and the process may change as software advances (Often becoming easier to use).

Children learn through trial and error, not memorisation. Children make as many as two mistakes a minute while using a computer. However, we do not notice this because they do not get frustrated while doing so. We just assume they know what they are doing. (Trust me they have no idea)

Seniors and adults assume that we have to use the computer perfectly every single time OR ELSE. This makes even the slightest mistake a major drama. This is where I come in. By making it ok to make mistakes we remove the stress of using the computer and open the part of our brain that learns through trial and error.

Personal Katoomba Senior Tech Classes

One of the main reasons why I like to teach seniors how to use computers in a personal class vs a group class is that I can focus the training in a way that best suits each of the students. It also eliminates the fear of asking questions because they feel like they are behind or do not understand.

Instead of creating a class that the student must follow. I make notes about what the student must learn and then adjust the classes accordingly.

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