Anti-Vaccine website types, Humorous look at bad bad science..Yes bad!

I study disinformation and online scams. I have a database of over 350 websites that claim that vaccines do not work. Here are some of the types that I have discovered. I will not list the websites as I do not want to give them any traffic whatsoever. (Full data will be released with the study is finished)

After each Joke, I’m going to offer some real information about this kind of website.

The Snake-oil Salesman

Easy to spot a mile away unless you already own 5g protection bracelets, a lead phone case and for some reason bad reception. These websites are not new to the game. The anti-COVID vaccine is just this week special for a low price of $440 buy now and get the cure for cancer for free.

One sold an Elixer that “removed the negative effects of the vaccine” and replaced it with Hydroclorliquin and Ivermectin. (The bottle contents is basically knockoff protein powder and does not list either of the famous medications)

This kind of website has been around from the very beginning. out of the 250 websites. I have crawled so far only 6% does not have an obvious method of income. 20% of all Anti-vaccine websites offer some form of “Protection” or “Cure” to Covid.

The Vaccine Death Vulture

This is a website that claims that the vaccinated is all going to die, however uses the same scheduling calendar as the Trump reinstatement team. “In Feb, no that was April, Sorry August.. No no no we are serious.”

The Vulture websites claim that millions of people are already dead but will search the news for examples to prove their point. However, like many Anti-Vaxxers, they don’t actually read the articles as many of the deaths are unrelated to the vaccine. Though their readers have not noticed.

If Millions are dead … why are you posting articles of single deaths? Many of these sites claim to be “Truth” however if you compare the death rates they claim to another website making the same assertions of vaccines being deadly they are almost always off by THOUSANDS. IF it was a fact their numbers would match. (My new spider will get actual numbers in a later post)

All your tifoil are belong to us

While some of us were fighting over toilet paper these folks were sitting in their bunkers on a dragon horde of tinfoil and twinkies. (This is assuming that you can call grandmas basement a bunker). These blogs are actually in a race to see who can be first to make a Qanon member say “I don’t think that is realistic”.

This is why you should avoid taking meth and blogging at the same time. (Better yet just stay away from meth)

“Nano mind control bloodstream bots remotely controlled by the devil” (Real Theory) While most people would not consider these folks to be serious many anti-vaxxers link to these websites as “Proof”. In the chart below You can see that most anti-vaccine websites consider it more important to link to UFOs, Bigfoot & The devil is turning us all communist than actual science. If you are not willing to talk to this kind of person on the bus then you should not take their medical advice.

“Can’t we all get along? YOU ALL DIE!!!! “

The two-faced friend you had in high school was the larval form of this kind of blogger. This kind of blog can be spotted by its almost reasonable front page talking about how we just need to get along and respect each other’s choices, then the next 359 pages are how the unvaccinated are being oppressed. And the Vaccinated are evil incarnate.

“But remember we all just need love and joy (Bids singing) … THEY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND FORCE YOU TO DIEEEE!!!!!!! (Dramatic horror film music) “

This is a method of making you think that a website is being reasonable. They will offer the stance of being reasonable. However, a closer look at the website shows that all the wording, linking, theories are one-sided. This is the illusion of choice when honestly they offer none. All while making it easy to donate to their cause of fairness.

The UnvaKKKnated

If you smell something bad… check the bottom of your shoes because you might have stepped on one of these blogs. True scumbags! Reading this kind of blog comes with a membership on the FBI watch list, and a lowered IQ and the removal of stubborn self-respect. Am I worried that they will turn their hate towards me? Not really I have placed this section after 435 words in the blog post and that is 400 more words than they normally read. (To be fair the existence of a racist blog does suggest the existence of racist readers one of the true paradoxes of nature)

These websites offer scientific proof that vaccines are part of a plot by (Insert minority group here) in memes with 10 words or less. While I’m not going to call Trump a racist. On these websites “Trump” is the 15th most popular word (1-14 are words I would never use. EVER)

While I poke fun at the racist idiots this is a real problem. 30% of the websites I have crawled so far directly link to hate speech or contain hate speech themselves.

Three Labcoat Monty

Step right up and Pick a theory any theory! The point at the theory to find the peer-reviewed paper! Oh, I’m so sorry try again.! Pick a theory and theory! (In a carnival voice)

This kind of website will always show someone in a lab coat. They offer all kinds of information about vaccines but their peer review articles are under the same card as their medical practice certificate.

In the above chart, you will notice that out of the 60K HTML links I have recorded so far only 63 are to university, or peer-reviewed articles. Many of them point to articles unrelated to their claims or to the front page of the university.

This kind of website will often make its money through book sales, public speaking gigs and expert witnesses. Many of these Doctors never held a medical practice certificate or even attended med school.

Social Media Meme Factory

This kind of website is what happens when a social media influencer realises that photos of their lunch no longer works to get the clicks. The only thing vapider than their brains is the content of their memes. (Wait Vapider is a word? ……HOLY SHIT IT IS !!! ) These websites contain mostly memes and Bithute links to own the libs. Finding actual facts in these memes may actually break the time-space continuum and cause the universe to implode on itself, or my cat may actually skip a meal.

Or it’s just a business profiting from the suffering of others.

In many cases, they really do not care about vaccines or politics just clicks. Few of these websites have Bitcoin donations set up on their websites. Closer analysis in one case shows a large donation the day after an anti-Vaccine blog post.

Many of the Meme posters are just promoting their own online store selling hats and t-shirts.

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