Lonely Hearts Scam: Day 6 “Or is it an investment Scam?”

After today’s interaction with “Alice”, I’m starting to think that this may not be a Lonley hearts scam. No no no .. there is little chance that a millionaire has fallen in love with me. (I was not even trying to be charming). But I’m starting to think this is a different kind of scam. Unfortunately, I think it might be worse.

Persona I use to protect myself is an insurance saleman.

Where some people create profiles to make fool people into thinking they are more popular or to conduct fraud. I do so to protect myself while studying a scam. In this case, I chose an insurance salesman.. This is important because of what “Alice” Says next. Remember in a previous post where she showed off the new car? I asked where was her car?

She mentions moving to Australia

This is important because a lonely hearts scam requires the opportunity to be together. I was expecting that. However, where things get interesting is that my attempts to accelerate the romance part of the scam failed. Then again my humour is a bit subtle for someone whose English is not their first language.

To a real insurance salesman, this would be a nice commission. However, this makes me wonder if this is more of a scam trying to make me an unwitting money mule.

This is a direct attack at my greed. too bad I don’t have any.

The AU has been having a hard time with online scams that result in money laundering lately. This is defiantly something that I want to avoid. In this case, I’m just not going to bite. Single con artists … yeah they tend to be harmless. Money Laundering … is a different kind of critter altogether.

If I was an insurance salesman I would wait for them to arrive in Sydney and make sure that all talk of the money goes through the company. Make sure that everything is on the level and let the legal team handle all the deals.

It’s when greed comes into play that things go wrong.

  • Always take the legal path.
  • When it doubt ask a lawyer if a transaction is legal
  • Never too late to back out.
  • Beware of the moment you think “I’m going to be rich!!! ” that means the hook has been set in your mouth and they are already reeling you in.

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