iPhone Notifications class

How to control Notifications class
How to control Notifications

Are notifications driving you nuts? New class! “How to control Notifications class and spam!If you are missing important messages because your phone is flooding you with notifications! This is the class for you!

  • How to only get the notifications you want
  • How to use unique notifications so you know you messaged without taking the phone out of your pocket
  • Use the iOS Focus feature to get a better work/life balance!
  • How to get control of your email inbox.
  • How to use a Smartwatch to your advantage

Class is taught at basic levels so even if you have never used a smartphone you will understand every step! (Perfect for seniors who think they are Computer Illiterate )

  • Part class part tech support!
  • First 30min we talk about what can be done. Second half we help the students deal with their notification problems!
  • $22 per person

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