Vaccine Disinformation Dirty Tricks: Links to their buddy.

Websites love links! They thrive on them! Websites that do not have links on their webpage will almost always score very low on Google. The thing about creating links on a website is that you never accidentally create one. You always have to make the choice of what kind of link you are going to make and where. This is important when looking at websites that might be disinformation.

They use these links to say “look I know what I’m talking about”. But what happens when the person on the other end of the link also is in on the scam? This is what my spiders record.

Old 1900s con example “The Wire”

I study con artists and psychology they use to fool us. Part of my research is finding and quantifying the ways disinformation relates to old con artist techniques.

The wire is a classic con where the con artist claims that they can predict the results of the race before it finishes. They will create a betting parlour where everyone in the room is part of the scam. The “Mark” will feel the excitement when the horse is correctly chosen over and over again.

The con artist will say “If you don’t believe me you can talk to Sam who works in the telegraph room” little do they know that Sam is in on the con as well. But the last place the con artist will take you to is the police station (A real one anyway)

Our brain uses this validation as proof that the con artist was telling the truth. The same goes for links on a website. We often see the link pointing to two other experts in Vaccine deaths but never really look further than that. Confirmation bias does the rest. We don’t notice that the expert also thinks the devil is using mind control to force people to take the vaccine. (REAL EXAMPLE…. will be in my full report)

Who do they link to?

When my spider reports links I break them down into a few categories. This gives me an understanding of what the person who controls the website thinks is important. So why would you want to trust the vaccine advice from someone who is linking to websites about UFO conspiracies, racist websites or offers pills to cure cancer? You laugh but don’t because it happens a lot.

I break down the links found on websites into the following categories. Some of the links might meet a few of the categories.

  • Payment (How they get paid)
  • Univercities (Proof of actual science)
  • Goverment websites
  • News
  • Racist websites
  • Conspriacy Websites
  • Anti-Vaccine websites
  • Anti-Mask websites
  • Scam Doctors (Doctors who are profiting off the disinformation)

Breaking it down!

As of the time of this post crawling 71 out of the 350 websites with External links 12995 links. (I’m not finished with the data so the numbers will change but I’m expecting them to look similar)

A single link does not invalidate a website. However, disinformation websites tend to offer bucket loads of links to fit their narrative.

I want to point out that the Actual Scientific Studies actually at 12 links. but for some reason, the chart that I’m using does not register anything lower than 1%.

Also, every single website crawled so far has had at least one link to some form of payment. But that is a different blog post about how Anti-Vaccine websites get paid.

Anti-Vaccine disinformation link analysis

Things to think about

If they have scientific proof why don’t they post it?

Why are the 25,000+ universities and 8.3 million scientists and 3.5 Million doctors are not talking about it? Could it be that it’s not real? One university would love to be the first to have actual proof before everyone else (Does not matter what the topic)

If they are real scientists why links to websites that talk about UFOs, The Devil and Micro mind control robots?

A real scientist would avoid any links to those topics. So links to this sort of information is a good indicator that no actual scientific research has been done by this “Expert”

Do you really trust a racist?

I don’t. This is more an ethical question than a scientific one. But the important part is that you are never going to get a real scientist, government website or university linking to racist websites. This is a clear indicator of a website that should not be trusted.

There are also connections between conspiracy websites and racism.

If the information on the racist website happens to be scientific they would link to universities to validate their information.

More Disinformation dirty tricks coming soon.

I have been asked to write more reports on disinformation as my research continues. If we can teach people how to look for the signs of a con or disinformation maybe they can avoid them before it’s too late.

I’m looking to talk to someone who was once convinced that COVID19 Vaccines were a conspiracy. Please contact me at

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