MacMason Mac and Phone repairs.

Serving the Upper Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Bathurst areas, we specialize in Apple* and Linux systems. Services include system audits, scheduled system maintenance and backup, software troubleshooting and updates, system security reviews and proprietary malware removal and reporting program for Apple* systems. We train individuals or can conduct group training in computer literacy and software applications. In-home or in-office services are available for families, professionals, educators or business owners. We can come to you or be your personal dial-a-tech hotline. Oh, and we can also turn screws to replace dead hard drives. We will keep your IT house in order, but we don’t do Windows!

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iPhone, iPad and Samsung Repairs

Fast and Friendly service dedicated to doing the job right the first time. But just in case we have a 90 day Warranty on all our Repairs.

We only repair what needs to be repaired. Sometimes a repair is not your best option. We will talk with you to find a solution that works best for you.

  • Screen Repairs
  • Battery Replacement
  • Screen protectors (We put it on for you)
  • Malware Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Download Pictures to USB

Imac And Macbook repairs

We don’t just bandage problems by turning it off and on again. Instead, we diagnose, report and discuss how to actually fix the underlying issue of your software problems. We can also help you untangle software issues from hardware problems and provide detailed reports on your next step. Common problems we can fix are:

  • Slow systems
  • Malware infestations
  • Security checks after experiencing a scam
  • Backups and basic data recovery
  • Providing Dual Boot Apple/Linux operating systems
  • Software application reviews and installations
  • Mac Repairs Lithgow
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Senior Tech Classes

Senior and Adult Tech Training

We know that computer geek is its own language. We believe that computers are like any other tool, you need help and practice to learn to use them effectively. No one is born knowing how and when to use a wrench and it’s the same with computers. We promise to speak English, not techno-babble. We want to inform, educate and empower. We promise to be your guide – not your guru. We won’t talk over your head.

  • Senior Tech Classes: Empowering Seniors to Embrace the Digital World
    For years, I have been dedicated to teaching seniors how to navigate the world of technology. Throughout my experience, I’ve noticed common mistakes that seniors tend to make when learning tech skills, which often hinder their progress. However, once these pitfalls are recognized and addressed, the process of understanding and embracing the ever-changing world of … Read more

Classes Coming Soon

Ask about our personal Training

We also offer personal training on a verity of topics. Each class is tailored around your learning style. We only address the topics you want to learn. No Homework, No Memorization , Classes designed around you understanding of tech.

Price $75 an hour

Bespoke One-on-One and/or Group Training Topics

Because we are trainers who also happen to be technicians, we like to think we’re as good at fixing users as we are at repairing computers. Helping people explore and enjoy using their computers is really what we do best. Here is a list of some of our most popular training topics, but feel free to ask us if there is something specific you need. We work with all ages and in all environments and yes, we have current Working with Children checks, police checks, full COVID vax and Flu shots.

  • How to avoid scams
  • Best practice parental controls (without the expensive and ineffective software)
  • Computer literacy, WiFi networks and basic lessons for Seniors
  • Basic Social Media and Cloud Applications for all ages
  • Basic iPhone/iPad lessons
  • Introduction to Apple productivity software
  • Video editing, Podcasting, & Digital photo editing.
  • Computer art and basic animation software (Apple, Linux open source and Wacom Tablets)
  • Introduction to Linux Open Source applications and how it can benefit you

Network and WiFi issue

With years of tech support experience, we can help you create the most stable WiFi environment possible. We can explain the difference between what problems are caused by your WiFi or what is your service provider. We are happy to prepare a report for you to rely on when you do have to call up your service provider.

  • WiFi network setup and troubleshooting
  • Network security & parental controls
  • Extending or splitting networks
  • Storm protection protocols for your modem

Let us help you with your Mac Repairs Lithgow

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